How to use Link Shortener?

I am going to explain how this popular shortener is used in case some are not familiar with it. It is easy to use.
I will leave you an example link (You get a surprise when you complete it) :

1- When you enter the link you will see a button that says: “IM HUMAN”, click on it.

2- You will see another notice that says “GET LINK”, Click on this.

3- Clicking on “GET LINK” will open other windows in your browser, ignore these and click on “GET LINK” again in the initial window. This can be done 1 to 3 times, it is something random.


Temporary Link Shortener Conditions

1- 30 days from the creation of the post
2- Those who are in “Trending Posts”
3- The links to download the online videos

When they do not have these conditions, the shorteners will be removed, it is not to penalize those who download a collection from a Cosplayer or use the search engine a lot.